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Welcome to the PROTOTYPE of "Geek" section, dedicated to
fictional realities

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Create a pin “Conventional”

Publish any images or videos related to the hick-culture.

Create a pin “Quote”

Keep quotes from various characters from movies, cartoons, anime and other works.Or the quotations of the great figures of the culture of culture.

Create a pin “VS”

Create voting-fights. Voting takes place in rounds, applicants have 50 hit points, one vote removes one hit point from the opponent.

Create a pin “Blooper”

Find and describe blunders and mistakes from movies, books and serials, game glitches, scientific mismatches.

Create a pin “Note”

Publish fanfics or your own original stories, as well as articles on any geek themes


Create a pin “Reference”

Find and describe Easter eggs, parodies and references to other works in movies, serials, video games and other works.

Create a pin “Product Placement”

Find and describe hidden advertising in movies, games and other works.

Fan Stuff

Create “Fan Stuff”

Place items from your collections, goods for sale, or items that you want to buy and you need a hint where to do it.


Create “Lore Object”

Create descriptions of objects within different fictional Universes.

Create “Lore Event”

Create descriptions of events that make up the chronology of the various fictional Universes.

Create “Public Figure”

Create personal cards, personalities in a geeky environment from actors to fanfic writers.

Create “Work”

Create personal cards of any art work, from cinema to video games and manga.


Create “News”

Publish the latest news from the world of boom culture.


Create a “Discussion”

Begin topics that you would like to discuss with other geeks. You can create open or close discussions.


Create a “Memory”

Describe your memories related to the boom culture, from early childhood to today.