Fandom-boy and Fandom-chan forbid:

Harsh Treatment of Animals
Photo/video or comments, which mention violence against little species, are the direct way to one-day account suspension, and in the worst cases — to the eternal ban.
Gathering of Information for Alien Invaders
Respect our planet and do not try to help the invaders to enslave humankind, as such activities will force the administration to call Men in Black for help.
Fan Hating
Respect each other, and do not allow any manifestations of hatred or harassment of fans. Otherwise, your account will be blocked for a day or forever (at the administration’s discretion).
Time Traveling In Order to Change Your Comments
It’s forbidden because such actions can trigger Butterfly Effect with subsequent apocalyptic scenarios.
Drug Advertising
As well as a description of drugs from the positive angle, all the recipes, tips of use and contacts for purchase. All of the above actions lead to criminal liability and the eternal ban on the site.
Soul Trading
Any attempt to buy a person's soul or persuade him to summon a Crossroads Demon on the site will lead to the immediate message of such violation to Sam and Dean Winchesters.
Political propaganda
Agitation for or against any political force or people/bots with multi-accounts those lead propaganda with the help of public money will be punished with the eternal ban on the site.
Extraterrestrial Forms of Life Trading
And any kinds of parasites on THEFANDOME is considered legal only after providing a relevant license from the Men in Black Headquarters with the following check of its authenticity by the site administration.
Any Kinds of Extremism
If you are a supporter of extremist views or you can use extreme measures to achieve your goals, you won’t be welcomed on our site; your account will be blocked while your activity will be reported to intelligence services.
Using Black Magic
By remote manipulating users or attempts to meet them offline in order to cast a spell on them is strictly forbidden. Violators will be handed over to the Inquisition for them to be burned at the stake.
Distribution of Pirated Content
Any infringement of copyrights in the form of copying and distributing of someone’s work is prosecuted by law and punished by one-day blocking of the account.
Body Parts Trading & Cannibalism Propaganda
Are strictly forbidden! Let’s not consider each other as food.
Child pornography and any hints of pedophilia
Pedophilia is a criminal offense, so materials of this nature will be immediately transferred to the appropriate authorities while the user's account will be blocked forever.
Search for test subjects for experiments on them
Is possible only in case if the subjects themselves express the desire to become part of the experiment and give a legally certified consent.
Spam drives people mad, so such activity will be punished by a ban for 24 hours. Repetition of it will lead you to the lifetime account block.
Sale of doomsday devices
As well as the spread of instructions for their construction and activation is strictly prohibited. Let's postpone the apocalypse for later!
Insults to the cosplay-models
Suchlike bulling will be punished by a one-day ban, but if you repeat the same actions, the ban of your account will last forever.
Telepathic influence on other participants
Is strictly prohibited. Let’s respect the right of other people to freedom of thought!
Use Klingon swearwords or FRAK/FRACK», other filthy language will be deleted from your posts or changed into «FRAK».
Farming services or sale of virtual items in MMO-games for real cash
We do not permit you use the site for promotion of farming services or distributing of game items for real money. All of such posts will be deleted.
Religious intolerance
Your first disrespect for any of religion will be punished by a one-day account suspension, the following violation of this rule will lead to the lifetime ban.
Distribution of any porn and hentai content
Only erotic works of art are allowed, any other forms of explicit content will be deleted while the user who posted it will be blocked for a day or forever.
Insults of mutants, cyborgs, clones and representatives of other sentient species, as well as manifestation of intolerance towards them
Are violate the site rules of equality and fellowship.
Any fraudulent actions
Attempts to advertise financial pyramids or illegal extortion of money on the site will be punished by blocking the account forever.
The incitement to suicide and the description of the means for committing it
Life is the most precious gift, so any attempts to force somebody to commit a suicide will be punished by the lifetime account block.
Call for criminal activity
Such actions are prosecuted by law. Therefore, if any of them is manifested, the information will be sent to the appropriate authorities while the account of the offender will be blocked forever.
Inciting racial and ethnic hatred
Any attempts to infringe users because of the color of skin or nationality will be punished with an immediate ban for a day or forever in case of repeated incidents.

Terms of Use of Attention: you must read through!

Terms of Use of

Dear Friends, we welcome you on THEFANDOME!

The established policy principles provide safety of the website is safe, ensure equal conditions and convenient use of the site for all.

In this regard, you are advised to carefully read the terms of these Rules, which are perceived by the Site Administration as a public offer in accordance with Art. 437 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation.

1. Terms and Definitions

In this User Agreement, the terms given below have the following meaning:

THEFANDOME is Limited Liability Company "Fandom".

THEFANDOME and/or the Site is an Internet resource that is a collection of information and intellectual property contained in the information system, access to which is provided from various user devices connected to the Internet by means of special software for viewing web pages (browser) to addresses of

The user is a visitor of Internet resources, including THEFANDOME.

The User Agreement is this Agreement, the Terms and Conditions of ad-placement and other rules and documents regulating the work of THEFANDOME or determining the use of the Services published on the Site.

The credentials are a unique login (email address) and a password created by the User in the process of Registration on the Site or modified by the User in the Personal account or in any other way indicated by THEFANDOME used for access to the Personal account after authorization of the User on THEFANDOME.

Registration is a set of User actions in accordance with the instructions specified on THEFANDOME, including the provision of Credentials and other information made by the User using the special form of the user interface THEFANDOME in order to form the Personal account. To register, THEFANDOME asks for the following information: e-mail address, sex, date of birth and, if desired, the city and country of residence.

Registration of the User on the Site is free of charge, voluntary and performed at the Internet address:

Information is any materials and data provided by the User of THEFANDOME during the use of THEFANDOME.

Coins are a game currency used to exchange for Goods.

The product is offered by both THEFANDOME administration and THEFANDOME Users of various kinds, content or extended functionality that can be exchanged for Coins.

2. The provisions of these Rules

2.1. These Rules for the use of (the Rules) are developed by the Site Administration and determine the conditions for the use and development of the Site, as well as the rights and duties of its Users and Administration. The rules also apply to relations related to the rights and interests of third parties who are not Users of the Site, but whose rights and interests may be affected as a result of the actions of the Site Users.

2.2. These Rules are a legally binding agreement between the User and the Site Administration, the subject of which is the provision by the Administration of the Site of the User of access to the use of the Site and its functionality. In addition to these Rules, the agreement between the User and the Site Administration includes all special documents governing the provision of access to the use of a separate, including the Additional, functionality of the Site, located in the relevant sections of the Site on the Internet.

2.3. The User is obliged to fully examine these Rules before registering on the Site. Registration of the User on the Site means full and unconditional acceptance by the User of these Rules in accordance with Art. 438 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation.

2.4. These Rules may be amended and/or supplemented by the Site Administration unilaterally without any special notification. These Rules are an open and public document. The current edition of the Rules is located on the Internet at: The Site Administration recommends Users regularly check the conditions of these Rules for changes and/or additions. Continuation of the use of the Site by the User after changes and/or additions to these Rules are made means acceptance and consent of the User with such changes and/or additions.

3. Regulations on the User. Rights and obligations

3.1. It is necessary that you comply with the following rules. Below are some of the obligations that you take upon registering and maintaining the security of your account:

a) You will not post false personal information on THEFANDOME or create an account on behalf of another person without proper authorization.

b) You will not create more than one personal account.

c) If we block your account, you will not create another without our permission.

d) You will not use THEFANDOME if you have not reached the age limit in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation for the acceptance of these Rules, and having the appropriate authority.

e) You will not use THEFANDOME if you found guilty of committing a crime on sexual grounds.

f) You will not transfer your password (or a secret key if you are a developer), will not grant access to your account to unauthorized persons and will not perform any other actions that could threaten the security of your account.

g) You will not transfer your account (including any Page or application of which you are the administrator) to someone without our prior written permission.

h) If you choose a username or similar means of identification for your account or Page, we reserve the right to remove or transfer the right to use it at our discretion (for example, if the trademark owner complains of a username that is not directly related to this account holder name).

3.2. The User of the Site is an individual registered on the Site in accordance with the procedure established by the Rules, having reached the age permitted in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation for the acceptance of these Rules and having the appropriate authority (formerly and further - the User).

3.3. Upon registration, the User agrees with these Rules and assumes the rights and duties indicated therein in connection with the use and operation of the Site. The user acquires full access to the use of the functionality of the Site.

3.4. After successful registration of the User on the Site, the Administration assumes the rights and obligations to the User specified in these Rules.

3.5. The processing of the User's personal data is carried out in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.

3.6. The login and password selected by the User are necessary and sufficient information for the User to access the Site. The user does not have the right to transfer their login and password to third parties, bears full responsibility for their safety, independently choosing the way of their storage. The user on the hardware-software used by him can authorize the storage of the login and password (using cookies) for subsequent automatic authorization on the Site.

3.7. If the User does not prove the contrary, any actions performed using his login and password are deemed to be committed by the User himself. In case of unauthorized access to the login and password and / or the User's personal page, or the distribution of the login and password, the User is obliged to immediately notify the Site Administration in the established order.

3.8. The user is personally responsible for any information he posts on the Site or informs other Users about, as well as for any interactions with other Users, carried out at their own risk.

3.9. When using the Site, the user is prohibited from: - registering as a User on behalf of or in lieu of another person (fake account) or register a group (association) of persons or a legal entity as a User. At the same time, it is possible to register on behalf of another individual or legal entity, subject to the receipt of the necessary powers in the manner and form provided for by the legislation of the Russian Federation; - misleading Users regarding their identity, using the login and password of another registered User; - distorting information about yourself, your age or your relationships with other persons or organizations; - uploading, storing, publishing, distributing and providing access to or otherwise use any information that:

(a) contains threats, discredits, offends; defames honor and dignity or business reputation or violates the privacy of other Users or third parties;

(b) violates the rights of minors;

(c) is vulgar or obscene, contains pornographic images and texts or scenes of a sexual nature involving minors;

(d) contains scenes of cruelty to animals;

(e) contains a description of the means and methods of suicide, any incitement to commit it;

(f) promotes racial, religious, ethnic hatred or enmity, promotes fascism or the ideology of racial superiority;

(g) contains extremist materials;

(h) promotes criminal activity or contains advices, instructions or guidelines for the commission of criminal acts;

(i) contains information of limited access, including, but not limited to, state and commercial secrets, information on the privacy of third parties;

(g) contains advertising or describes the attractiveness of the use of narcotic substances, including "digital drugs" (sound files that affect the human brain due to binaural beats), information about the distribution of drugs, recipes for their manufacture and tips for use;

(k) is fraudulent;

(l) and also violates other rights and interests of citizens and legal entities or requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation.

3.10. Illegally uploading, storing, publishing, distributing and providing access to or otherwise use the intellectual property of Users and third parties;

3.11. Caring out mass mailings of messages to other Users of the Site without their consent;

4. Terms of Intellectual Rights

4.1. Exclusive rights to Content posted on the Site.

4.1.1. All objects posted on the Site, including design elements, text, graphics, illustrations, videos, scripts, programs, music, sounds and other objects and their collections (hereinafter referred to as the Content) are objects of exclusive rights of the Administration, Site Users and other rights holders, all rights to these objects are protected.

4.1.2. The user posting the Content on the Site, which is legally entitled to it, grants to other users the non-exclusive right to use it exclusively within the framework of the functionality provided by the Site, by viewing, reproducing (including copying) and other rights solely for the purpose of personal non-commercial use, when such use causes or may cause harm to the protected interests of the right holder.

4.1.3. Use of the Content by the User, access to which is obtained solely for personal non-commercial use, is allowed provided all the copyright (copyright) or other notices of authorship are preserved, the author's name remains unchanged, and the work remains unchanged.

4.1.4. The User also grants to the Administration of the Site a non-exclusive right to use, on a free-of-charge basis, Content posted on the Site and legally owned Content in order to provide the Site Administration with the functioning of the Site in the amount determined by the functionality and architecture of the Site. This non-exclusive right is granted for the Term of the Content on the Site and extends to the territories of countries worldwide. The Administration of the Site has the right to transfer the rights specified in this paragraph to third parties. The User agrees that the Administration has the right to use the functional and technical capabilities of the Site to ensure the display of the Content placed by the User, including the player intended for the purpose of displaying the Content, at its discretion, including for the purposes of displaying advertising information.

4.1.5. If the User removes his Content from the Site, the non-exclusive right referred to in §

4.1.6. of these Rules will be automatically withdrawn, however, the Administration reserves the right, if necessary, due to the technical features of the Site, to keep archival copies of the User Content within the required period.

4.1.7. Any use of the Site or Content, except as permitted in these Rules or in the case of express consent of the right holder for such use, without the prior written permission of the copyright holder, is strictly prohibited.

4.1.8. Unless otherwise expressly stated in these Rules, nothing in these Rules can be considered as the transfer of exclusive rights to the Content.

4.2. Responsibility for violation of exclusive rights.

4.2.1. The User is personally responsible for any Content or other information that it downloads or otherwise is making public on the Site or with its help. The User does not have the right to upload, transmit or publish Content on the Site if he does not have the appropriate rights to commit such acts acquired or transferred to him in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.

4.2.2. The Site Administration may, but is not obligated to, view the Site for the presence of prohibited Content and may remove or move (without notice) any Content or users in its sole discretion, for any reason or for no reason, including without limitation the movement or removal of Content that, in the personal opinion of the Administration, violates these Rules, the legislation of the Russian Federation and/or may violate the rights, cause harm or threaten the security of other Users or third parties.

4.3. Sites and Third-Party Content.

4.3.1. The site contains (or may contain) links to other sites on the Internet (third-party sites) as well as articles, photographs, illustrations, graphics, music, sounds, videos, information, applications, programs and other Content owned or outgoing from third parties (Content of third parties), which is the result of intellectual activity and protected in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.

4.3.2. These third parties and their Content are not verified by the Administration for compliance with certain requirements (reliability, completeness, conscientiousness, etc.). The Administration is not responsible for any information posted on the websites of third parties to which the User accesses through the Site or through the Content of third parties, including, including, any opinions or statements expressed on the websites of third parties or in their Content.

4.3.3. The links or manuals on downloading the files and/or installing third-party programs on the Site do not mean support or approval of these actions by the Administration.

4.3.4. A link to any site, product, service or any information of a commercial or non-commercial nature posted on the Site is not an endorsement or recommendation of these products (services) by the Administration.

5. Dissemination of your materials and information

You own all the materials and information that you publish on THEFANDOME. You can control their distribution through privacy settings and application settings. In addition: a. When you delete materials that are subject to intellectual property rights, they are permanently deleted. Despite this, deleted materials can be stored as backups for an acceptable period of time (while the information will not be available to others). b. Your feedback or other suggestions for improving THEFANDOME are important to us, but you unreservedly agree that we can use them without assuming any obligation to pay for such offers (nor do you have any obligation to provide offers).

6. Game currency

6.1. The game currency can be used to exchange for various kinds of Goods offered by both the THEFANDOME’s Administration and registered users of the Site

6.2. The calculating unit of the game currency THEFANDOME, it is customary to call the COIN or COINS, depending on the multiplicity of the latter.

6.3. You can buy coins through electronic payment systems, to the details indicated on the site THEFANDOME. 1 ruble = 50 coins, for other currencies this numbers depend on these currencies rates to ruble.

6.4. Transactions without a commission are possible; but the time of its processing is unknown and can be significant.

6.5. Users of THEFANDOME can exchange coins for various extended features of the site.

6.6. Coins are not refundable to the user, in the form of funds credited with the purchase of such (protocol of irretrievability).

6.7. Under any circumstances and situations in which the User's coins were lost (for example: the payment system doesn’t work, the requisites are incorrect, the virus, etc.), THEFANDOME’s Administration is not liable, and the lost coins are not refundable.

7. Final Provisions

7.1. These Rules constitute an agreement between the User and the Site Administration regarding the use of the Site and its functionality and replace all previous agreements between the User and the Administration.

7.2. These Rules are governed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the Russian Federation. Issues not regulated by the Rules shall be resolved in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.

7.3. In case of any disputes or disagreements connected with the implementation of these Rules, the User and the Administration of the Site will make every effort to resolve them by negotiating between them. In the event that disputes are not resolved through negotiation, disputes shall be resolved in accordance with the procedure established by the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

7.4. These Regulations shall enter into force for the User from the moment of their accession to them and shall be valid for an indefinite period.

7.5. These Rules are originated in Russian and translated to English; they also may be submitted to the User for examination in another language. In the event of a discrepancy between the Russian version of the Rules and the version of the Rules in a different language, the provisions of the Russian version of these Rules shall apply.

7.6. If for one reason or other reasons one or several provisions of these Rules are found to be invalid or unenforceable, this does not affect the validity or applicability of the remaining provisions.



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